SUDOP Consulting and Information Technology a.s.

Investing in the ecosystem of IT companies with mutual values and synergies

We are building a strong and successful portfolio of IT companies to maximize their business potential

About us

SUDOP GROUP, Czech-based leading engineering and consulting services firm aims to expanding and diversify its core business activities.
Consulting and Information Technology division, with the support of the well-established SUDOP GROUP, is building an ecosystem of complementary IT companies within the Central Europe region. Our vision is to create a group of companies capable of delivering sizeable contracts in the private and public sectors. Preserving the uniqueness, identity and corporate culture of partnering companies while incorporating our best practices will enable us to achieve greater success.
Our approach differentiate us not only from financial investors but as well speculative consolidators and strategic investors, we invest into businesses to live with them forever. We invite the IT companies to join us and develop long-term relationships to expand our horizons in the larger business arena and benefit within the growing ecosystem.
The Consulting and IT division has been launched in 2018 and we seek companies equally excited about cooperating on large-scale projects.

Our companies

Featuring an ecosystem of twelve unique companies providing top-notch services and comprehensive IT solutions and business-investment platform SITCO. We aim to cover the entire vertical of IT services to become the first choice partner for our clients

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ICT infrastructure

Type: acquisition (100% share)

Main services:

SW/HW infrastructure

IT outsourcing services

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Data science

Type: LinkSoft's acquisition (80%)

Main services:

data analytics & integration

business intelligence

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Business-investment platform

Type: LinkSoft's acquisition (75%)

Main services:

SW development & testing

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Business-investment platform

Type: founded (min. 67% share)

Main services:

connects innovative tech-firms - consulting, security, SI a SW dev

service center, know-how, sales

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Type: acquisition (100% share)

Main services:

complex security solutions

maintenance and monitoring

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IT consulting and services

Type: acquisition (100% share)

Main services:


consolidation of data servers

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Software development

Type: acquisition (94% share)

Main services:

SW dev and integrations


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Digitalization of the construction industry

Type: acquisition (65% share)

Main services:

BIM consulting

targeting designers

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Digitalization of the construction industry

Type: founded (100% share)

Main services:

BIM consulting

targeting investors

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IT staffing solutions

Type: founded (75% share)

Main services:

bodyshop a outsourcing

internal IT staffing solutions

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Proprietary software

Type: joint-venture

Main services:

4 own SW products

Our team

Experienced, qualified professionals fully versed in IT, business, financial and operation management and M&A. Boasting an extensive network of contacts to be leveraged with the support and backing of the SUDOP


Jiří Živnůstka

partner SUDOP CIT

15 years of international experience with business and IT consulting


Jiří Račman

partner SUDOP CIT

15 years of experience in IT operations and business transformations


Pavel Šebera

Senior advisor
CFO - ORBIT s.r.o.

more than 20 years of experience in financial and operation management


Michal Šťastný

Investment manager
business dev

7 years of experience with financial analysis and M&A


Šárka Maděryčová

Project Coordinator

organizational and coordination support

Working with SUDOP

A partnership built on a lasting chemistry, strong DNA and enduring relationships with all of our companies

Investment profile

    Stable profitable companies
    Long-term growth perspective
    Committed management
    Realistic business plan

Type of investment

    Acquisition (exit, growth capital)
    Management buyouts: internal (MBO), external (MBI)
    Debt replacement

Our approach

    Maximizing growth potential together with management
    Synergy realization within our ecosystem
    Vision to expand into new markets

Post-acquisition integrations

    Preservation of continuity, culture and identity of companies
    Joint strategic decision-making

Our sweet spot

    Deal size CZK 1 - 1,000 mio
    Majority stake
    Option scheme for a minority stake

Valuation approach

    The valuation is not based solely on historical financial statements, but also takes into account the joint business plan to motivate the seller

If you would like to work with us, or if you are aware of an opportunity that meets above characteristics, we will gladly discuss it in a confidential and non-committal meeting.

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Our office

Olšanská 2643/1a130 00, PragueCzech Republic


+420 705 622 301